Chen Xu

Here’s a stunner from Chen Xu at the

Chen Xu

Chen Xu was born into a family of Jianyang tea merchants, but grew up in Beijing. This distance, both psychic and physical, engendered a certain nostalgia for and interest in the tea leaves and Jian ware of his ancestral home. He was an early and prominent proponent of Jian ware, and returned from Beijing to Jianyang in 2014. Since then, he has received over a dozen awards for his Jian bowls.

His work has been collected by the British Museum, the Victoria and Albert museum, the Famen Temple Museum, and the Osaka Museum of Oriental Ceramics.


Author: mattfiske

My name is Matt and I'm a potter living in Southeast Alaska. I've been an artist/teacher/potter for the past decade, and I got my start in ceramics in high school some 18 years ago. These days I make my living selling wheel thrown pottery that sits at the intersection of ceramics/science/mineralogy/and geology.

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