From the Voyager 2 I think. Miranda is the smallest, innermost moon of Uranus. Looks like a completely smashed together and badly formed ball of marbled rock. Evidently some of the mountains are more than 5km tall – pretty amazing considering the diameter is 235km, or 0.03697 Earths.

Miranda - Uranus Moon
Miranda – Uranus Moon

Korean Ceramics

Here are some pictures from my travels in Korea. All of these pictures were taken in the city of Icheon, the site of the some of the historical Royal Kilns of the Chosun Dynasty. Today it’s the site of the Korean Ceramics Biennale. It’s also got some 40-50 potteries, tons of neat shops, a cool museum, good food. They also really pride themselves on their history and traditional ceramic styles. Very cool place, you can check out the website @ http://www.icheon.go.kr/site/eng/main.do

Bismuth? Silver?

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about these Japanese and Taiwanese potters getting ridiculously iridescent Yohen style Tenmoku glazes. Just wondering out loud whether or not they use exotic materials. I recently read in John W. Conrad’s book Black Pearl and other Saturated Metallic Glazes and he mentioned the fact that chemical analysis of the original Chinese Tenmoku teabowl glazes didn’t yield any traces of silver, gold, or any other exotic materials – they did find traces of Mn and Fe, which is not at all surprising I suppose.

桶谷 寧 曜変天目茶碗 Oketani Yasushi 銀座 黒田陶苑 GINZA KURODA TOUEN
桶谷 寧 曜変天目茶碗
Oketani Yasushi
銀座 黒田陶苑

Still though, after reading Greg Daly’s book on Lustre… Seems to be that short of some super secret recipe that I’ve yet to discover (or have someone share with me) a pretty good way to go about getting glazes like that. I think I’m gonna do a mini-fundraiser and buy some Bismuth and Silver Nitrate and give it a shot. Who knows what might happen?


Bismuth Geode
Bismuth Geode