Galactic Oil Spot Glazes

An interesting view of my most recent round of test glazes. Each Oil Spot variation was dipped in porcelain and red stoneware  with the red stoneware tiles shown. The firing was: 10 hr oxidation to Cone 7, 2hr oxidation slow climb to Cone 8, 3 hr slow climb to cone 10, 1 hour oxidation hold @ cone 10. The results were pretty cool, and under magnification they had just the right amount of galactic goodness. The pictures were taken with a USB digital microscope! Magnification is about 30-40x

For the longest time I’ve wanted to try firing oil spot glazes, and after a bit of research it was pretty satisfying to make it happen. I decided to begin by concentrating on black, single glaze variations – the recipes of which came from a number of sources, mainly John Britt’s ebook and Complete Guide to High Fire glazes, a few from Michael Bailey’s Oriental Glazes, and a couple from Hopper’s The Ceramic Spectrum. The next step is to start zeroing in on some of the more spectacular variations and then start changing up the recipes and the firing schedules for maximum effect. Enjoy!

Author: mattfiske

My name is Matt and I'm a potter living in Southeast Alaska. I've been an artist/teacher/potter for the past decade, and I got my start in ceramics in high school some 18 years ago. These days I make my living selling wheel thrown pottery that sits at the intersection of ceramics/science/mineralogy/and geology.

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