Limestone Black Glazes

Not exactly Oil Spots in the truest sense, these two variations were concocted and tested along with the rest of my oilspots glazes. Both of these recipes utilize some local dolomitic limestone I found and incorporated into the recipes. If you want to re-create these, using a mix of 1/2 and 1/2 Dolomite and Limestone will get you very close.

Dolomitic Limestone from Cache Valley, UT

The first variation is based off a line blend [ 1 part Limestone : 1 part silica : 4 parts feldspar] This, by the way, is a pretty good starting point for a cone 10 glaze if you’ve got any, or all of those prospected materials around you. This variation also has 1% Cobalt, 6% Iron, and 3% Manganese.

The next variation started with the same rough ratio and upped the Manganese and Iron significantly. Pretty interesting variation, too. It’s much closer to my Iridescent family of glazes than it is to my Oilspots.

Both of these full recipes and a few more can be found right here on

Author: mattfiske

My name is Matt and I'm a potter living in Southeast Alaska. I've been an artist/teacher/potter for the past decade, and I got my start in ceramics in high school some 18 years ago. These days I make my living selling wheel thrown pottery that sits at the intersection of ceramics/science/mineralogy/and geology.

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